Like our body, our brain also needs a bit of workout. Are you ready to get your mind-blown? Then, hop along.


round circlesThat’s definitely a spiral. Oh no, wait! I can’t see any connecting lines. That’s because they are four perfectly round circles. Can’t believe it? Look at each circle carefully.


patternNo! This is not a moving image but a static one. The pattern gives you an illusion that it’s moving.


Mind-blownOK, now everyone could see quite clearly that the spirals are blue and green in color. What if I tell you that they are actually in one color? Mind-blown!


Rolling roundRolling round and round, or are they?



wobbly patternThis wobbly pattern would sure make your eyes and brain a bit crazy. Static pictures actually moving! How?


Two FacedNo this is not Harvey Dent aka Two Faced. But, a guy’s picture is photo-shopped to make a mind-boggling illusion.


Eye to eyeEye to eye, anyone? Although it’s creepy and weird but creating illusions through photography is quite famous nowadays.


PegasusWow! Looks like this Pegasus just got a makeover. A mind-blowing illusion created by the positioning of two things.


heart beatLet me introduce you all to this new term in the world of optical illusions called auto kinetic illusions involving expansive motion. Look carefully and you’ll see the heart beat. However, this picture is totally static.


reversed ageThere’s another type of optical illusion called anamorphic illusion. The original picture is tilted back and forth which gives an illusion of progressed and reversed age. This technique gives a great realistic illusion of a person’s child-like and mature age era.

All in all optical illusions are fun and a good brain exercise.