Although made up of dead cells, they still form the most important part of a person’s appearance. Unfortunately some people take it a little too serious, they do extra bit of effort on them and ruing them completely. The following 10 photographs are example of such people.

forget to cut the hairA person with such a beautiful smile shouldn’t forget to cut the rest of his hair.

brilliant locksThere’s something unusually ominous about this present man’s picked styling of his brilliant locks. I’d say Jonestown, around 1978, would be the best fit for this hair-do.

crawling down his headErr… is it just me or does it seem like if this guy has worms crawling down his head?

eyes at the back of my headThe phrase “eyes at the back of my head” fits this photo perfectly. This guy has really overdone his hairdo. Maybe he wanted to confuse everyone, which was his real face?

buddyI think it is a buddy ‘do, yet when I concentrate on this picture excessively long, it is similar to a Magic Eye and I begin having my questions.

working on her hairDo I really need to say something about this photo? I guess she wasn’t looking at the mirror when the hairstylist was working on her hair. I have no other possible explanation for this.

child isn’t clowningMuch the same as Chuck Norris, this child isn’t clowning around.

Liven upLiven up, amigo. Life can’t be that awful, it’s only about choices – and not having the capacity to pick in the middle of cornrows and an Afro is a truly terrible one.

rat on the backI am not sure what message is this guy giving by making a rat on the back of his head. Either this guy loved his rat (if he had one) or he was scaring away all the insects in his house.

missing bit of hairAnyone see this present kid’s missing bit of hair? It’s dark and is about the extent of his whole temple.