Some might even say the social animals owe their existence to it. Philosophers argue that it cannot be explained, merely understood. But it takes different forms for different mindsets. For some it emerges as poetry or other forms of literature. Some mold it into most colorful of arts. One of them is tattoos some of which were intended to be comical while others are just inks gone wrong!

San Diego

When talking about humor, it is hard to ignore the Anchorman. Stay Classy (and funny) San Diego!

No regretsNo regrets? Really? Not even a single letter? Maybe he regretted getting this tattoo.

tattooed The trend of having words of an exotic foreign language tattooed is alien to none. But imagine if people who make much of English language had words tattooed. Yes, right in the feels.

turtle tattooed

This nature lover went a little too far with the turtle tattooed on his head. It’s an easy fix though. If you ever get tired, grow some hair. Funny AND smart.

Angel wings Angel wings have been hot for a long time now. The chickens were starting to feel a little left out. Apparently this lady took care of it.

die whenever

In the whole of animal kingdom, Sloths have got to be at the top of the funny-face list. Live slow, die whenever. Who could resist that offer and then you go ahead and throw those expressions on           top of it, you have yourself a fun tattoo

He will judge youYes, human! You get that tattoo and you bet your sweet life that He will judge you. I mean who wouldn’t?

So closeOh dang it, girl! Only if there was another letter to cover the finger evenly. So close!

Yes, Ma’am

Yes, Ma’am! Can’t argue with that now, can you? But did you have to tell that to the whole world?

humans aren’t the onlyTurns out, humans aren’t the only “cool” ones around. Wake up and smell the competition.