Some of them are famous celebrities. Let us look at these awesome pictures of people and their cartoon character counterparts.

teenage girlOne of my favorite characters from the animated series Family Guy, Meg has the nonconformist look of an average teenage girl. Then this girl pulls of by dressing like Meg, maybe she has the same personality like Meg.


ThunderCatsComedian Scott Thompson, better known as Carrot Top, dresses like Lion-O from the animated series ThunderCats. He got the muscles and physique to save the planet Third Earth.


TweetyWe may know her as the guardian of Tweety bird but this old lady has a name and it is Emma Webster. One lucky day, we saw the real Emma Webster aboard in a train. Maybe she’s late for her taping.


Alfredo LinguiniAlfredo Linguini from the Pixar movie Ratatouille is based from a real live boy. Look at that face! The nose, eyes, hair, and even the teeth are the exactly the same as those from Alfredo Linguini. Maybe he has a hamster or mouse pet to help him cook his dinner.


CartmanWho does not recognize this famous cartoon character from the famous animated series South Park? Cartman, with his quirky attitude and round shape, is one of most popular characters in the series and this person is the real live version of Cartman.


ConsuelaConsuela is a famous maid from the hit-series animated film Family Guy. This woman looks exactly like Consuela; she even captured the prominent hairstyle of Consuela.


exactly alikeThey may differ in certain aspects such as the color of their skin and shape of their head, but in terms of facial hair, they look exactly alike. The longer you look at them, the funnier it gets!


FredricksenThis old man looks like Carl Fredricksen from the famous Disney movie, UP! They got the same nose and head shape. Now that’s a sight to see! Maybe his house is hovering above your house right this moment.


Mr. BurnsMr. Burns of the Simpsons looks exactly like this person. The teeth, head shape, and hair exactly match those of Mr. Burns. Now that’s a perfect match!


Nicki MinajThe famous Nicki Minaj, just look at those… hair! Her outfit in this picture makes her look like He-Man, a popular character from a series of comic books with the same name. What can you say He-Man, is she a She-Woman?