scream i-survived-scene-118-shirtThe final party, at the end of the Scream, took over 21 days to shoot. The crew worked from sun set to sun rise each day! When it finally wrapped, t-shirts that read “I Survived Scene 118” were made.

Scream Drew Barrymore and Wes CravenWhen the killer smashes his head though the window and Drew Barrymore hits him with a phone, she was actually frightened – really did hit him. Turns out, Wes Craven was the one in the mask. Throughout the film, Craven stimulated real emotion behind the scenes. When Barrymore’s character was speaking to Ghostface over the phone, Barrymore was actually listening to Craven tell her grotesque animal abuse stories. Thereby producing genuine tears.

Scream Rose McGowan Death sceneUnlike her character, Rose McGowan could actually fit through the pet flap.

Scream DeweyDavid Arquette’s character Dewey was originally meant to meet his demise in the first Scream. However, Wes Craven additionally filmed a scene in which Dewey survives, in case he changed his mind. When the film went to the screen-test audience, they loved Dewey and stirred Craven’s direction. In fact, when Courtney Cox lands on him after being knocked out, Dewey isn’t breathing. All the scenes Dewey is in between his stabbing and being taken to the hospital, are actually him playing dead. Good thing Arquette survived, him and Cox began dating by the second movie.

Scream credit santa rosaThe original film location for the high school scene’s was Santa Rosa High School in California. However, as the shooting date was approaching, the school board read the script and felt the film was too violent. The production was then moved to Healdsburg at the last minute. Wes Craven left Santa Rosa High School’s Board in the credits. In all fairness, the board had been lead to believe Craven was filming a comedy.

Scream behind the scenesThe use of caller ID tripled after Scream’s release.

Scream drew barrymore and Wes Craven 2Drew Barrymore was first casted as Sidney Prescott, the starring role. However, Barrymore loved the opening sequence, as it was reminiscent of classic horror movies, and decided to play Casey.

Scream teens watching HalloweenScream followed the theme of horror movie culture through and through. Let’s explain: At the final party, the teenagers in the living room were watching Halloween (1978). The Doctor in Halloween is named Samuel Loomis. Samuel Loomis is also the name of the boyfriend in Psycho (1960). Bringing it back full circle, the boyfriend in Scream turns out to be the killer. BONUS: In Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), the teenagers were watching Scream 2 (1997).

B33E2567.CR2 Ghostface is based on the famous painting “Scream” by Edward Munch.

Scream behind the scene drew barrymore death sceneThe jiffy pop acts as an emotional clock during Barrymore’s time on screen. The kernels pop slowly and regularly, then become erratic, just as the scene does.

Scream 1 castScream was purposely released five days before Christmas to inverse itself against a family movie domineering season. It opened at #4 in the box office, making 6.4 million on its debut. It eventually climbed to the top and grossed over 100 million.