You just wanted a calendar (for example) but there are about 250 calendar apps in there. How do you choose the one you want?

There are a few tools to help you like Editor’s Picks, Featured, Best Selling, Top Paid and Top Free but even so, choosing the right app is still a difficult task. That’s why we decided to make a list of 15 best android apps on the market.

Agent – Free

Agent - FreeAgent is a virtual assistant and it proves to be very handy when you’re driving. It can read texts aloud and you can dictate the answer. It’s like texting and driving without the life threatening risk. The app has more functionalities: it silences your phone during meetings and you can set a special list for people who can call you at nighttime. We selected this app as being part of the 15 best android apps because it’s like having a personal assistant without having to support the presence of another human being;

BBC Weather – Free

BBC Weather – FreeThis app makes the weather forecasting fun. You can choose from a variety of stylish widgets, long-range forecasts, location-aware settings and introduce multiple locations. With this app you’ll be able to make your plans according to the weather and rain will never surprise you on a picnic day.


CBS Sports

CBS SportsOf course that an app for all sports fans out there was going to make it on the 15 best android apps! This app offers real-time stats for most major sports and live game trackers with push notifications. Even more, you get a personalized news feed that’s just for you. You get to see only the news you want to see and for fantasy football and baseball fans, video highlights.

Mailbox – Free

Mailbox – FreeHave you had enough with the boring mail interface that Google makes use with their Gmail? Well Mailbox is here for you. Their interface looks amazing and it can pull your Gmail messages in an SMS like system. It can make your life easier with an amazing spam filter and amazing functionalities like snoozing emails (they will come back in your inbox later), reminders, scanning an entire conversation with just a few swipes and so on.

Finally we have a cool inbox that makes emails look light and easy to manage. The app is fast and the interface is mobile friendly.

Chrome Remote Desktop – Free

Chrome Remote Desktop – FreeAs the name says, you can access your desktop remotely using an Android device. All you need is to have Chrome installed on your desktop and set up a PIN so your desktop is secured. This app made it on our 15 best android apps because it is simple (it doesn’t require any other clients), fast and easy to use. It comes in handy when you’re too lazy to get up and go do something quick on your desktop or when you’re away and you want to access your desktop at home. You can also use it for sending files from your phone to your desktop.

Yahoo News Digest – Free

Yahoo News Digest – FreeWe live in a world where we are flooded with information for every second of our awaken life. There are pieces of information out there that you might want to be able to read and there are information that you never want to see again. This app selects the quality of information that is going to be displayed on your phone by summarizing all the important, need-to-know news. You’ll get updates twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening with the most important news of the day. It’s like having your own personal news collector.

CloudMagic – Free

CloudMagic – FreeAnother email app made its way on our 15 best android apps but CloudMagic is more than an email interface is an app that combines Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP OneNote, MailChimp, Google Apps, Office 365 and Pocket in one single application with a slick interface. It also offers instant push notifications and connections to all your favorite services.

This app has also won a few awards that recommend it to users like The Webby Awards People’s Voice or great publications like WSJ or Time have recommended it.

Twitter – Free

Twitter – FreeI know you all have heard of Twitter and the mobile app is absolutely amazing. Easy to use and connect with people you like and share common passions with, Twitter is the app for you.

You can keep in touch with friends and acquaintances without having to support the obnoxious interface of Facebook.

EndlessTV – Free

EndlessTV – FreeOn the bus going home and getting bored? Well, you could watch some TV! You get to choose from popular video sources like Comedy Central or ESPN and just start watching. If you want more just change the channel with a swipe. The app works on both mobile phones and tablets. It’s like having a portable TV in your pocket. Now you understand why we put this app on our 15 best android apps?

Vine – Free

Vine – FreeIf you’ve never heard of Vines then it’s time to climb out of the cave and start living in the new world! Vines and the Vine app offer you some of the most amazing 7 seconds of your life. You get to scroll through some other people vines and you can also make your own vines and share them with the rest of the world. Let your creativity fly free with the Vine app!

Dropbox – Free

Dropbox – FreeThe times when you had all your files on one USB stick that you could carry around your neck all day long have passed. Now we use Dropbox to have access at all our important files from our desktop, Smart TV, tablet, phone and work PC. No matter how many devices you use, you can always work on that report if you put it on Dropbox.

I love this app and I put on the list with 15 best android apps because I know it works for many people out there.

Feedly – Free

Feedly – FreeWe all feed fans out there felt a little lost when Google disconnected Google Reader but Feedly comes to the rescue. I dare say that its interface is much more attractive than the one Google used and it has more than one way to display the news and articles from all your favorite sites.

Just put the feed address in and Feedly will give you all the interesting news and articles in one interface. No more going from site to site so you can see it all.

WhatsApp – Free (for the first year)

WhatsApp – Free (for the first year)We all love texting and WhatsApp is the perfect app for that. It uses your 3G or WiFi connection to let us connect with other users and send them text messages, images and videos. It’s an easy to use app that doesn’t require you o remember any login details, just open you Internet connection and WhatsApp is there for you.

You can even call people for a short conference as the app has an option for group chat and you can talk to people from wherever you want! There are no international charges.

ES File Explorer – Free

ES File Explorer – FreeAndroid phones and tablets really need a good file explorer app so you can keep things in order. This file explorer app is fast, easy to use and you can integrate your cloud storage or other services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Other functionalities:

  • application management;
  • task killer – when some apps just won’t quit;
  • management of downloads – so you know what and when you downloaded;
  • it can be a very efficient FTP client and / or a LAN Samba client.


Flipboard – Free

Flipboard – FreeA cute little app that made it on our 15 best android apps list is Flipboard. This app takes online content and puts it a custom format. You’ll get little pages with text and images, no adds, no other content and you can flip through it by swiping up and down.

You can even add your Twitter or Facebook account and you’ll have access to what people are saying too.

It’s like having your own personal magazine where you can read news, stories from around the world browse articles, videos and photos shared by friends.