Many times we come across people who seem to be the human form of popular cartoons. These 15 individuals shown below are the epitome of “living” cartoon characters. Whether their appearances were intentional or coincidental, they all illustrate a scary resemblance to well known cartoons!

1. Carl Fredrickson

Here, Carl Fredrickson, the hero of the popular animated film “Up”, has met his match!


2. Chris Griffin

One cannot possibly miss this man’s striking resemblance to Chris Griffin! While this gentleman lack’s Chris Griffin’s signature hat, there is no denying their similarity. From the hair, nose, smile and body structure, this guy appears to be Chris Griffin in human form!


3. Peter Griffin

If there were any doubts about the previous examples, there shouldn’t be now! Peter Griffin, even with his name displayed, is in an authentic yearbook!


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4. Linguini

This young man seems to have found insight into his animated future! Let’s just hope he doesn’t invite mice into his restaurant though…


5. Quagmire

From his appearance to the roles he’s played, Charlie Sheen seems to be Quagmire’s replica!


6. Dora

Dora, the popular children’s television star, has come to life!


7. Papa Smurf

Protagonist Papa Smurf appears to be in our modern world, prepared to defeat those villains.


8. Shrek

This guy is almost a clone of Shrek! I must admit, I would probably be a bit nervous if I saw this real life ogre.


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9. Russel

Who doesn’t think this real life Russel, from the film “Up”, should meet our previously mentioned Mr. Fredrickson look-alike?!


10. Merida

Let’s hope this Disney character twin doesn’t create anything as catastrophic as Merida!


11. Princess Fiona

Boy Meets World Meets…Shrek?


12.  Woody

From his hair, to his sad, puppy dog eyebrows and smirk, Bob Sagat could easily be the incarnate of Woody!


13. Garfield

He is a clever cat.


14.  Cecil turtle

All this guy needs is the hat and he could most definitely pass as Cecil Turtle


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15. Beavis

Who ever thought such a vile creature was real?


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