Well! Wait a second. You aren’t going to put all those in your fridge, right? Yes, I know refrigerator preserves things nicely. But, what if I reveal that you won’t be able to use some refrigerated products up to its maximum potential? Read onwards for the ultimate truth.
hot sauces Hot sauces get their tingly, and sometimes painful, taste from acids, which is altered when refrigerated. Simply put, hot sauces won’t taste good once refrigerated.


potatoes Never put your freshly bought potatoes in a refrigerator. They will become moist and grow fungus. Gross! Best way to store them is in a paper bag.


Bread Bread dries out super quick, so it’s not a good decision to store it in a refrigerator.


Onions Onions should be stored in something that allows circulation, otherwise they will rot in no time.


tomatoes Once again, refrigerators snatch the lovely kicks of acid. Use a paper bag to store your tomatoes.


avocadosPutting slices of avocados in refrigerator would turn them murky brown.


CoffeeCoffee changes its taste when refrigerated. So, avoid doing it.


garlicWhole garlic when refrigerated becomes tasteless and is more likely to get attacked by fungus. Minced version could be refrigerated.


honeyRefrigerator would crystallize that beautiful golden honey. Always, Store them in your pantry.


squashesWinter squashes have a more prolonged life and a better taste when not refrigerated.


melonsThe anti-oxidants found in melons keep them fresh for more days when not refrigerated.


Refrigerating oilRefrigerating oil would make it thick and cloudy. Best place to keep it is in the pantry.


FruitsFruits lose a bit of their flavor when refrigerated.


batteriesNever believe the myth that batteries work better when refrigerated, this only make them worse.


nail-polishesThe chemicals inside nail-polishes would be modified if refrigerated.


While these things are definite no-nos for the fridge, one thing that is great straight out the refrigerator is cold, filtered water. If your fridge has a dispenser built in, at some point in the future, you will need to look at replacing the filter. When it comes to doing so, consider this list by Best Products Pro.