1. Eating Snacks

Eating SnacksAre you tired of getting cheese and other flavorings on your hand? You should do this:


2. Closing an Unfinished Pack of Chips

Closing an Unfinished Pack of ChipsIf you can manage to not eat the entire bag in one sitting, you should try this origami trick.

3. Enjoying a Cool Drink Fast

Freezing Your Drink QuicklyNeed a cold one fast? Put a wet paper towel around your drink and pop it in the freezer. 15 minutes is all it takes!

4. Turning your Chinese Take-out Container into a Plate

Eating with Chinese Take-out ContainerNo dish washing tonight!

5. Drinking with a Straw Hassle Free

Drinking with a StrawAwkwardly hovering over your drink while your tongue searches for the straw isn’t a good look.

6. Breaking a Toblerone

Breaking a TobleroneThink you’ve been doing it right? Well check out this devastating image. We’ve had it backwards all this time.

7. Making an Ice-cream Sandwich

Making an Ice-cream DessertDigging out the ice-cream from the box is not easy, let alone making it into a perfect-sized circle. What about this?

8. Holding a Beer

Holding a drinkBeer bottles s have long necks for a reason. You’re supposed to hold beer bottles by the neck in order to stop your warm hand heating up your brewski and affecting its ideal taste.

9. Cooking the Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg

Cooking a Round-EggMovies and TV shows make it look so easy. Use an onion ring to make breakfast prettier.

10. Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

Cutting Cherry TomatoesWho has time to cut cherry tomatoes one by one? Put them between 2 plastic lids you’ve just saved your time and sanity.

11. Using bobby pins

Using bobby pinsThe wavy side should be facing downwards into your hair – it has a better grip, holds longer, retains the bobby pin’s shape, and slides in smoother.

12. Applying Nail Polish

. Applying Nail PolishSay goodbye to nail salons.

13. Opening sugar stick packets

Opening sugar stick packetsMornings are hard enough without getting annoying bits of paper into you pick-me-up. Try tearing down the middle.


14. Sharing a Tic Tac

Eating Tic TacsTired of poring half of the container into your buddy’s palm? Try this:

15. Breaking in New Shoes

Breaking into New ShoesBlisters and cramps are no longer your problem.