Ballerina-Dog-3Start the day with a plie


Dog-Peeing-into-Mouth-11FCC hired a new enforcer




Dog-with-Wings-13I believe I can fly

 Clumsy-Dog-4Every dog has his day. This is obviously not his.


Zen-Dog-18She’s beauty and she’s grace


Dog-with-Tattoos-Driving-1Coolest canine in town


Man-with-Dog-Hear-16Did you take a second look?


Woman-Dog-Fishing-17All the werewolves like her


Dog-Yawning-14The sequel to Blue Steel


Dog-Eating-Hand-8Say Awww



Dog-Excited-to-Catch-Ball-9The happiest dog in the world


Baby-with-Dog-Ears-2Trying keeping a secret from him when he grows up


Half-Dog-Half-Cow-15Half & Half’s newest mascot



Dog-Being-Carried-Away-by-Eagle-5I can show you the world


Dog-Breathing-Fire-6Obviously trying the set the mood for his fair maiden


Dog-Running-on-Water-12Water bender


Dog-in-Truck-Smoking-10You talk’in to me?