Modern technology has allowed us to cultivate a “culture of convenience”. Given here are 20 bizarre and convenient inventions that every household should own.

1. Butter: Stick Type

Butter Stick Type

Imagine how easy applying butter would be if it came in a glue stick package!?. No mess on hands, dishes, or countertops!.

2. Motorized Ice Cream Cones

Motorized Ice Cream Cones

These cones are battery powered, made to raise your ice cream to the perfect level for your convenience, and enjoyment! It assists in preventing messes from your treat!

3. Training Wheel High Heels

Training Wheel High Heels

If you are not an expert in walking with high-heels, these shoes will be a great help! These aid one’s balance and support you as you learn to walk in heels. A great item to own!

4. Dine Ink Utensils

Dine Ink Utensils

In such a fast paced society, most items are made to save storage, space and time. Multitasking has become very common in every household and office, and if such multitasking is prominent in your life, these utensils were made for you! These items are handy for snacks, and for work!.

5. Glass Toaster

Glass Toaster

A glass toaster? A unique, interesting and worthwhile item to own! Being transparent, this toaster allows you to watch your bread while it is toasting, ensuring that you get the perfectly toasted bread!

6. Wearcom Jeans

Wearcom Jeans

These jeans are designed with a unique, transparent pocket. This pocket enables an individual to check calls, texts, emails, and even browse the web, from the safety and convenience of your pocket.

7. Portable Fish Tank

Portable Fish Tank

For you fish lovers who are constantly on the go, this invention is a necessity! No longer do you have to ask friends and family to care for your pet while you’re away, now it can always be by your side!

8. Light Bites Candle Holders

Light Bites Candle Holders

These mini fork candle holders are easy, convenient and perfect for those watching their weight!

(A little birthday indulgence never hurt anyone!)

9. The Baby Mop

The Baby Mop

An effortless solution for dirty floors and messy children! They also allow parents to know what their mischievous child is getting into! Some would say that getting using the best canister vacuum would be better than using a baby to clean your floors but some people might find it helpful to keep their little one’s out of trouble.

10. Apple Sweaters

Apple Sweaters

This is a perfect way of packing your lunch time, snack time, or anytime apple! These apple sweaters prevent that pesky bruise and dirt that spoil your apple. They are also quite cute!

11. Broom and Dustpan Slippers

Broom and Dustpan Slippers

For those with achy backs, here is a new invention. These are shoes with a broom and dustpan attached to clean up the messy house without the strain!

12. Staircase Drawers

Staircase Drawers

A staircase converted into drawers. A clever storage idea that can accommodate any household or lifestyle!

13. Lazy Sunday Sweatpants

Lazy Sunday Sweatpants

Sweatpants made with utensils and mini table cloths on the thighs. Perfect for lazy movie days!

14. Hamster Cage Shredder

Hamster Cage Shredder

Now you can shred all of your documents directly into your hamster cage, for your ease and your hamster’s pleasure!

15. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

These are the perfect Ziploc bags to take your lunch to work. The fake mold graphics will surely keep those sticky fingers off your sandwiches.

16. Square Watermelons

Square Watermelons

This square shaped fruit is ideal for storage, and the shape prevents it from rolling away!

17. The Dry Side Bench

The Dry Side Bench

When the bench is wet, simply turn the crank to get to the dry side. Every public area needs these!

18. Slurp Guard

Slurp Guard

Do you enjoy your long hair, but it always ends up in your food? This is perfect for you!

(And all of you shameless people who won’t just put your hair up.)

19. Soda Can Handle

Soda Can Handle

Are you tired of your soda or beer cans slipping out of your hands? Say no more! This quick and convenient item inhibits that problem, as well as the mess from spills!

20. Two-Way Toothpaste

Two-Way Toothpaste

The new opening at both the ends of your toothpaste is ideal for using all of the paste inside. It also prevents that unfortunate struggle to get the rest of the toothpaste out when it’s almost empty!