We often wonder why or how people think the way they do… But to have their stupidity eternally plastered on them?! That takes the cake. Illustrated below are 20 tattoos that will make your jaw drop… and maybe even your eyes bleed:

1. Well, she seems pretty proud about how much she loves anal…


2.Why?… Hashtag, America.


3. “Knowledge is Power”… Clearly this guy is POWERLESS…


4. I’m not quite sure who actually believe these people are “#winning”.


5. This guy has clearly never seen Elvis…


6. There’s a face floating in the wall! … Oh Waaittt…



7. Grammar is crucial… You’re*.



8. The monstor logo… My understanding of the symbol for white trash… (sorrynotsorry)



9. Would “Mama” be flattered?


10. A face on her face…


11. Charming?


12. I suppose that’s one way of voicing your opinion. Perhaps the back of his head reads “Idiot”?


13. So, what happens when they break up?


14. Everything about this image is WRONG.


15. The triple threat YOLO trio.


16. Inviting?


17. Narcissism?


18. Drake Head…


19. Hahahaha. Priceless!


20. I suppose that’s one way of expressing your sexuality.