1. Santa Mail

SantaMailSantaMail.org allows children to send emails to ‘Ole Saint Nick, then replies to each letter personally for $9.95. Byron Reese, the real jolly man behind this website, receives around 300k emails every year. You do the math.

2. Mint

MintMint.com is a financial management service founded in 2006 available in Canada and US. Mint.com operates over the internet. Mint has 17 million active users.

3. The Million Dollar Homepage

MillionDollarHomepageThis is one of the weirdest ideas. A clever student launched a website called MillionDollarHomepage.com that has a grid of 1000*1000 pixels on which advertiser could buy the space for $1 per pixel. That’s insane, who would buy those spaces? Well, the idea worked and the site got viral. By 2006, all the space was sold making another person with a crazy idea a millionaire.

4. Find A Grave

FindAGraveVisiting someone’s grave after they have passed away is a good idea. Jim Tipton turned this idea into his profession in 1998 when he started a site named FindAGrave.com that allows people to add and access information of cemetery records. The site contains information of graves of 112 million people buried in the United States.

5. Doggles

DooglesRoni di Lullo came up with an idea of fashion item for dogs in the form of a Doogles.com. It is an online shopping website that sells sunglasses for Dogs as an anti UV radiation shield. Thousands of dog owners bought the sunglasses for their dogs and turned the Roni di Lullo into a millionaire.

6. Craigslist

CraigslistFor those you living under a rock, Craigslist.org is a listing website with tons of ads for sales, housing, jobs, gigs, pets, romantic companionships – the list goes on and on. The service began in 1995 as an email distribution and expanded over time. Today, Craigslist serves 50 countries around the globe. It’s free to use and has no advertising network. They only charge for job postings and paid brokerage apartment listing. Its now worth more than $160 Million. You go Craig!