You think you struggle in third world countries? Well look at what us first world countries have to deal with. Unbelievable *scoffs*.

1. When you’re just trying to enjoy some sweet, sweet frozen pizza…


2. When an oven is not at your immediate disposal.


The struggle is real.

3. When you forget a pencil and the douchebag next to you won’t give you one…


The struggle is when

4. washing dishes takes too much time and effort…


5. …or even worse, when there is no other option.


The struggle is real.

6. When some asshole steals your shine…


7. …and straws. Goddamn straws screw you over every…




9. …TIME!

The struggle is real.

10. When this becomes your reality.


11. When the steering wheel (or seat, seatbelt or buckle) are more like fire.


The struggle is real.

12. When the spider gets away when you’re trying to defeat it.


13. When your daily workout consists of fighting the rest of the toothpaste out of the tube.


The struggle is real.

14. When you’re unable to decide between three cheese or four cheese.


15. When you are faced with the extermination of your existence.



The struggle is real.

16. When things don’t revolve around you, or your preferences…


17. …or when you have to do the UNTHINKABLE to change the channel…


18. When you get this dreaded message.


The struggle is real.

19. When you come home to this…


20. When you need this many alarms to get up…


21. when you have these three unwanted ripples.


The struggle is real.

22. When your snack looks more like squirrel food.


23. When you all you wanted was pepperoni pizza, and it is no more reliable that your squirrel food snack.


24. When you didn’t hear what they said and have an apparently offensive response.


25. When turning the lights off means risking your sanity.



26.When this bottle was your retreat from a terrible day… then this happens…


27. When finding your shoes turns into a scavenger hunt.


28. When repairing your glasses looks like this.


29. When you realize your luck has run dry…


The struggle is REAL.

30. When this becomes your reality.


31. AND AGAIN, when washing dishes takes too much time and effort