Do you often feel irritated? Do you want to recover from the situation of sorrow and sadness? Do you want to be a better person? Do you want to live happy and want to make others happy? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then you are probably over stressed and under nourished.

Here, with this article I am going to tell you how eating habits can make a drastic change in your day to day life. Actually, what you eat can raise or lower levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters to help you function at your emotional and physical best.

Changing your eating habits can change your life. Here, we will guide you in creating your own personal feel-good menu. And, if you will feel better, then only you can come out as a better person. Eating the right food can help you feel better or worse.

Although certain foods or supplements may not help you in avoiding depression instantly, they may help you as a part of an overall treatment plan. More and more researches are showing that in some ways diet may manipulate mood. We don’t have the entire story yet; however, we have some interesting facts to share.

We nourish our body three times a day with the food we intake. The more healthy food you consume, the better you will feel. If you choose high nourishing foods you are less likely to bear the ups and downs of a high sugar level and fat. You should neither intake too much caffeine or too much whole grains. Everything must be balanced.


Chocolate generally makes people happy because it contains “caffeine stimulants” also known as theobromine, which makes you feel stress free and relaxed. Likewise it also has chemicals like anandamide which make you feel pleased and joyful.

Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine also known as the love drug, Scientist believes that this chemical plays an important role when falling in love and helps in feeling passion.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

A few days ago, researchers have found that the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found in fish and walnuts, can help you in protecting yourself against depression.

Some past studies have revealed that there may be abnormal metabolism of omega-3s in depression; although some more recent studies have suggested that there may not be a strong association between omega-3s and depression. Still, there are additional health benefits of eating fish once or twice a week.


The Addition of protein to your meals can help in slowing the absorption of carbohydrates in your blood, which may enhance your mood for few hours after eating. Eggs, milk, seafood and low-fat yogurt are all best choices as a source of protein.


Foods that possess soluble fiber, for example- brown rice, grain and pears can slow the absorption of sugar into your blood stream, lessening mood swings.

Find Gadgets to Enhance Your Health

If you suffer from depression, they have a device that produces artificial sunlight, as medical studies have found light therapy to be effective. Many other medical devices have been made for a variety of conditions. Vital Motion is a company that makes a fibromyalgia massage device that has been approved by the FDA. There are many gadgets available to enhance your life.