It’s every man’s dream to impress a woman whom he really likes, but many of them fail to win the heart of the woman either because of nervousness or some other reason. Many people believe that the pickup lines are worthless and using pickup lines to get closer to a woman never work. However, there are also several people who think that it really works. Actually, how effectively you use a pickup line and which line you are using are the two most important things that make all the difference. So, here is a list of few best and worse pickup lines that will help you in passing your girl next door’s test!


1. I simply thought you should know how beautiful your eyes are!

Every woman loves compliments and this is the surest way to impress her. Every girl possesses a special quality, and complimenting that specific feature can make her open up enough to interact with you. But, before moving forward you must remember that being fake may harm you. You must compliment the quality that she really possesses. If you find her eyes to very beautiful then only you should compliment her about her eyes. Same implies for any other special feature as well.

2. Hey the clothes you are wearing really suit you!

Women used to put a great effort into looking great. Hence, it is necessary to make her realize how good she looks in the particular dress or how good the nail color looks in her hands. Your compliment will surely make her think that her efforts on looking good are not unobserved.

3. Can you help me in..?

Asking for simple help will let her know about your interest on her. Ask for her feedback and opinion about anything you do. This will give her an indication that you are giving value to her opinion.


1. I think you dropped your stuff

This is actually the worst thing one can do in order to impress a girl. Giving her a piece of paper (that contains your phone number) saying that she missed or dropped something indicates lack of self-confidence and nervousness. If you think that she will call you, then you are wrong. Trust me, if you will use this trick, it will be a great failure.

2. Can you give me direction..to your home?

Asking for the direction is really okay until you will include the sentence, “..to your home” with it. She will at once know what your intentions are and will definitely walk away without even saying anything.

These were few tips that can help you in impressing the woman whom you really like. However, self-confidence also plays a very important role in winning a woman’s heart. Hence, it is important to develop this quality as well.