An Avatar is the visual representation of a person that may be an icon or even a three dimensional gaming character. Avatars are now becoming famous on the internet, especially on social media sites, forums etc. While creating an avatar, it is very essential to identify the purpose for which you are opting to create it. An avatar that is created for professional purpose must be different from that of a social media avatar.

Today, technology is progressing with a high pace. Due to this, now it is not at all difficult to create your own avatar also. You can create your own cartoons and a gaming avatar that would reflect your traits.

There are several websites that provide free online avatar creating services. You can choose any of them for creating your personal, stunning avatar. There are websites websites that offer such services like BitStrips. All such websites work differently but enables you to create a good avatar that can be used further for any purposes.

There is such a wide range of avatars that it is difficult to classify all of them.  Here, I am mentioning a few of the avatar types:

Abstract Avatars

These kinds of avatars utilize a combination of lines and different shades of colors to make an icon that may have no visual reference in the world. This kind of icon can be utilized by the individuals who are greatly inclined towards the visually creative activities.


They are utilized by the individuals who have something to say and are not hesitant to show their contemplations in a commercialized form.

Animated type of Avatars

These kinds of avatars possess motion (especially repetitive motions) such as a waving flag, a barking dog or a flying fish.