These foods represent a unique aspect of the agricultural sector….. Just kidding! They just want to live for another day and be with their loved ones, now that just sad.

chocolateThis chocolate doesn’t want the look on your face.

dog“Time to walk the dog and be fabulous!”

eggplantThis eggplant is sorry for being ugly.

Mother“Mother is that you? You look different!”

onionThis onion is glad that you’ll cry once you cut him down. “Sayonara”

pastaThis pasta was once a professional singer. DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO!!!!

Potato“I’m sad” said by Potato. “Why?” I asked, he replied “because one day you’re going to eat me.”

turkeyThis turkey is stuck at the pan and is calling your attention for help.

Bell pepperBell pepper has seen things and the way things are now, this maybe his one last cry.

breadThis bread is sad about life in general.