For Rotterdam-based artist Tielmo Pieper, his childhood drawings were a stroke of genius, for he re-invented those doodles into digitally advanced masterpieces using a spray can or Wacom tablet. These series of images have garnered both themselves and their artist immense appraise and attention for they are nothing short of artistic genius in its purest form depicting both the imagination of a child and the artistic brilliance of an adult. Take a look for yourself

1.The leaning tower of air control.

The leaning tower of air controlQuite fascinating this image is, as is the fact that the tower isn’t upright.

2.The harmonic super-fly.

The harmonic super-flyA giant fly swaying about in harmony? Genius.

3. The intriguing large eyed whale.

The intriguing large eyed whaleThe large preying eye of this sea beast is meticulously the stand out of this piece. Quite genius for a child’s imagination if you think about it.

4. The handsome snail

The handsome snailThough very similar to a regular snail, the artist’s interpretation shows the shell slightly raised with one tentacle longer than the other. Spectacular.

5. The big-headed butterfly.

The big-headed butterflyThis butterfly looks like it read all the books in the library and is the smartest being alive. Well, how artistic is that, a butterfly with the knowledge of all. Makes you want to smile.

6. The aero-confident bird

The aero-confident birdThis majestic creature of the sky looks like its ready to fly to another world.

7. And lastly, the icy whale

And lastly, the icy whaleMajestic water beast with so much poise. Enough said.

8. The warping car of style.

The warping car of styleThis vehicle looks like it travelled back in time, with having that aesthetic style of both the olden days and the modern today.

9. The super-clawed beetle.

The super-clawed beetleThis rhinoceros beetle has such scarily beautiful and large claws that you are enchanted by their enormity rather than being frightened.