These animals know that they are in the same level with us; we are living in the same planet and they deserve better, humans and animals alike!

swing“No! You shouldn’t be here. It’s my time on the swing!”

rockstar“Look son, I know you like rock and roll music but we are a family of soul singers, you can’t be a rockstar.”

PandasPandas are really cute animals, and they are smart too! Look at how they are in their natural habitat.

owner“What are you looking at? I do not look like my owner, he looks like me.”

news“Let’s see, what’s the weather in today’s news?”

guineaThis guinea pig sure knows how to do his chores, look at how cute he is!

George“Let us see what’s the problem George, hmmm, this may take a while.”

dogThis is manliest dog I’ve ever seen, no one in the bar will dare to bump to this dog.

catThis cat knows how to live a full life. American dream, here I come!

wine“Waiter! Another round of your fine wine, please.”