Yes! You are not dreaming and it is real, that is the real Andy from the movie Toy Story. Just look at his face, he has seen it all and he knows that one day, he will have to give up his old toys and become the monster that he is.
Look at how cute she is! No wonder James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski from the movie Monster Inc. loves this adorable kid. We could not resist the cuteness overload of Boo so we have found ourselves a real live version of it.
Who could have known that the real Carl Fredricksen from the movie UP is still alive? Look at that iconic nose and glasses; I could feel his pain and remorse just by looking at him.

The cast of UP characters would not be complete if Russell is not present. This young child is the real live version of Russell and is a real Wilderness Explorer. Beware of his cunning tactics; you will never know that he had already slipped into your house.

Do you remember Consuela, the housekeeper in the hit series Family Guy? Well if you do, then here is the real Consuela! The same face and the same body type, the real Consuela was based on Consuela from Family Guy, not the other way around!
Taylor Lautner was a star in the hit movie series, the Twilight Saga. He portrayed Jacob Black, a human who can transform into a werewolf and vice versa but in this case, he does not look like any other wolves I’ve seen in my entire life. He looks exactly as this alpaca, and did you know that this alpaca is his stunt double in his movies.
“If you got curves, flaunt it.”
This caterpillar looks exactly as this dress worn by this woman, it got the same curves and in my opinion, this caterpillar wore it better than this woman.
If there is one thing as sexier as Nicki Minaj, is this troll doll. Came from a long line of troll dolls, this one was inspired by Nicki Minaj to pursue music and eventually walked down to the path of Pop music. Its signature moves and style has been a sensation in the troll academy and it is one of the most expensive troll dolls in the world.
This one of a kind dog looks like Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. No dog has more power than this one, this dog was born to rule the streets of the Russian empire and will not cease until the entire world is under his paw.

Justin Timberlake is the leader of the iconic band, N’Sync. With all the success he had achieved through the years, Justin Timberlake has it all but one thing is challenging his fashion and personality – this noodle. The same color and the same wavy pattern, this noodle idolizes Justin Timberlake and will not stop until it became a pop sensation like Justin Timberlake.