There are photos that we do not want to remember for the embarrassment or the plain stupidity it had caused.

Take time to appreciate these hilarious photos that will sure tickle your bones.

sexyThis guy is sexy and he knows it! Draw me like one of your French girls.


basketballThis guy sure knows how to play basketball! He’s not even touching the ball!


delicacyIt is an honor to be the chosen one that will eat this delicious delicacy, do it master!


ferociousThis dog is half Golden Retriever and half Nightfury (Hello Toothless!). Look at how ferocious and cute he is!


footballWho wouldn’t want a long arm when you’re a football player? This person has one!


girl is so flexibleThis girl is so flexible, she loses her head. What an outstanding performance!


kissingNo homo, just two guys kissing each other. NOW KISS!


looks so tiredThis dude looks so tired, like waaaaay tired!


pointingHey buddy, are you pointing at the right direction or are you picking the nose of that fine lady?


sexierI don’t know who’s sexier, the girl or the guy? What do you think?