While thinking about writing articles, or SEO writing for a website, the first and the foremost thing that should strike us is the quality of the content.

Having a perfectly optimized content is the sure shot way for the successful online business. But the point when you are working on the content of your web pages, you must remember the fact that you are writing for individuals and not for the search engines and crawlers. You should pick the strategy that is perfect for your followers and readers and not for the crawlers and spiders. In this way you will be able to raise your business in a short interval of time.

Search engines always prefer to provide content that is highly interesting and useful for their users. The more unique and appealing content you have, the more visibility you will get in the search engine results. But, if you will opt for the duplicate content, which appears in more than one place on the internet, the search engine could find it difficult to know which version is more relevant for a given search query. Also, for providing the best search experience, search engines rarely show up the duplicate content and are enforced to choose the original version or the best version. During the entire procedure, if your version is found as the duplicate one, you will be penalized by the search engines, which may ultimately affect your business.

Some other tips I would like to share with you are:

  • While writing an article use related images and not just the text. It will make your article more interesting and catchy.
  • Another “must do” thing for all that authors is to proofread your work. Make sure you check your spellings and grammar. Your readers will get annoyed with the misspelled words. Hence, it is important to proofread your work.
  • Another important step is to make your article shareable. You should have social share buttons on your website. They are free of cost and can be embedded very easily. Search ranking also increases when the content is shared frequently by the users.

By: Legit Scoop