If you are bored, gloomy or annoyed, these 9 epic pranksters will surely uplift your mood and you will cheer up in no time. As we all say Laughter is the best medicine, so get ready to enjoy this ride.

these 9 epic pranksters

Mmmeeeeeaaaaaoooowwwww!!…you should be aware of these pranksters they really get on your nerves because they get satisfaction by annoying people


Woah! Well that was pretty beneficial. At least we learned how to take money from our parents now. You should also try it and see how your parents respond.

Can I just bring PeePawWell the Pet sitter got way more than she bargained for! She would have really freaked out on the line “Can I just bring PeePaw to your house?”

Dog outWho let the Dog out?…well the coach lacked Sportsmanship…if you want to make a football team you can hire this sporty dog.

pretty steamed upOoooo…He sounds pretty steamed up! He should have just head to the mechanic rather than wasting so much time.

crushed his beansThat would have crushed his beans…are you obsessed with beans?

cheesedWell that “cheesed” him off! (No doubt those subs look quite delicious though)..LOL that prankster is pretty smart!

tongue lashedWell they tongue lashed each other to an extent…anyone else wanting a taco costume??

shoes on his faceThat guy surely would have felt like throwing shoes on his face! Hope you have the original ones, if you don’t then go to a store rather than contacting him because he might get stuck with you for a while.


And beware these pranksters can also frustrate you so be careful when you advertise stuff fellas.

That’s all Folks! Keep smiling!