weirdest tattoos

He is a fanatic who has covered his face with the weirdest tattoos you can imagine. On his forehead is a logo considered by many as that of the Illuminati.

person hasn’t slept

I bet you cannot stop staring in his eyes, can you? Either this person hasn’t slept all his life or has been drunk for the past whole week.


In most horror movie there is a villain who goes around killing people for fun, this guy is a perfect depiction of it. It looks as if he has been on a large scale murder spree and is still looking for more!

horror woman

This picture reminds you of all the horror movies you saw in your childhood. This woman has become so old that even here wrinkles have started to wrinkle J

doesn’t have a brain

You can’t tell this person to “use your brain”, can you?This person has some physical defect which makes it look like he doesn’t have a brain. (9)

devil’s sign

666 is a number considered as the devil’s sign. This person, acting as a devil worshipper, has ruined his face with everything possible. (11)

most horrifying faces

One of the most horrifying faces you can find on the internet. Imagine him standing near you in the middle of the night.

face was cut in half

It looks as if his face was cut in half and then he joined it back together. This picture is surely bound to scare you.

two tongues

It looks as if this criminal has two tongues, making him one of the most terrifying killers out there.

damaged nose

This face will haunt you in your dreams. His twisted eye, damaged nose and almost a sealed mouth, will stay in your photographic memory for quite some time.

scary image

Stare at this person for some time and after some time it looks as if the picture is alive. This scary image will make you lose your sleep.


The black-eyed terminator! This guy looks like a mutant. I would never want to cross his path. (27)


This person reminds me of Frankenstein, the monster created by the evil minded genius to scare off people.

Pretty girl

Pretty girl + pimple tattoo = a time girl bomb (20)

walking tree

Oh look! There goes a walking tree. Somebody stop it before it crushes the human race. It seems as this woman is afraid of getting a haircut or has been out of fashion lately. (14)