In a world that is becoming progressively predictable, originality, wit and stealth are more difficult to come by. However, these 10 photos illustrate that you can still be clever- and successful with it too!

1. Trying to dodge your teacher because you forgot to study? Try this.

One of the cleverest kid  on earth to dodge his teacher.

2. Don’t you think that kid ought to have that head instead?.

A good way to utilize some extra time during a long flight.

3. If only I had these examples in grade school…

and this mathematical equation window for the kid.

4. I’ll trail you too!

And this sign some where is Australia.

5. Reverse psychology at its finest.

can you find out what is written on the skatepark sign board

6. The most clever way to take a penalty kick!

One of the cleverest way to free-kick.

7. I have always wondered what the Weather Channel is for.

The best weather condition board ever seen.

8. The job ad says it all.

The job Ad says it all.

9. Clearly this horse has been taught the American “easy-way-out” method.

The most straight forward horse that you will ever see round.

10. You better know what it looks like before entering either bathroom.

This toilet sign - What do you think is wrong here