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01Seems she is paying gratitude to God to see fish and creature in the ocean and is feeling delighted to be under water.

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These are two dummies which are getting close to each other either to talk or kiss but it looks really absurd because these just objects and they are devoid of any feelings.

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The woman doesn’t  want any hamburgers. Either she is thinking of them or they are unintentionally hovering her mind making her upset. May be she is on a diet.

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Kids would love it because he can give a lick from his giant sized candy.

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This picture is quite inexplicable and none can explain what the picture is trying to convey. Totally meaningless and senseless.

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The man is trying to listen to abacus and hitting the buttons to create music while holding it as violin.



Fish in place of hand is shaking with the other man. It seems he is trying to pull out the trout from the sleeve instead of greeting.



What is so relaxing about these sticky notes that makes her close her eyes in tranquility. She is feeling sleepy or happy or something else.

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The boss is lying in coat and the secretary is sitting by his side to relax him.

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A unique and dangerous way to show love and attachment.

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A square piece of bread showing to the audience for a purpose. Let’s ask her what she is trying to exhibit.

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This kid is enjoying the smell of the plant. Seems its quite soothing for him.



Twins in one sweater showing their love for each other or may be they have only one.

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Let’s share the corn and finish it off.

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The guy is thinking deep while resting his head on cake-like pillow.

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Looks like she got this melon on gun point from the grower or the vendor. Its strange. The fruit is not so precious thing.

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She must be chatting with her friends.

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Very energetic and passionate goal keeper.

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Sniffing the corn wearing digital glasses.

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Time to peel off the potatoes and cook them .