We all know that we’ve questioned modern creations and how they were contrived- especially those that we use regularly (and envy those weird masterminds who came up with the ideas!). Listed below are 10 useful, and odd, inventions that have changed primitive societies into modern societies:

1.Duct tape

When in doubt, pull the Duct Tape out!

  Duct tape

2. Toilet

“The Porcelain Throne”, “The John”, “The Crapper”, “The Can”, “The Latrine”, “The Commode”, “The Oval Office”, etc. An entity with such a variety of names (and uses) is obviously important, and hilarious.


3. Comedy

It’s comedy. Of course it’s a funny invention.


4. Condom

“Don’t be silly! Wrap your Willy!”


5. Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X phone

Let’s go back to 1980s, in the period of MTV, parachute pants, big hair bands, and leg warmers. This invention was a startling break through that broadened communication. Now it’s a laughing stock compared to the iPhone.

Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X phone

6. Beer

What’s not funny about being drunk, or observing drunk people?


7.TV Dinners

The American Dream: Mindlessly shoveling artificial food into your mouth in front of the good ol’ “Boob Tube”.

TV Dinners

8.Reality TV

Whether it’s comical to watch, or humorous that people actually believe they are watching “reality”, Reality TV is a funny invention.

Reality TV

9. Air balloon

This invention is funny looking, entertaining and risky. This invention must have been concocted after watching too many Saturday morning cartoons.

 Air baloon

10. Cartoons

Our classic, and infamous cartoons are not only comical, but clever and witty as well.