1. Gibraltar’s Main Road Intersecting Gibraltar’s Airport RunwayGibraltar Airport Runway

You thought your traffic was bad.

2. The Space Shuttle Atlantis As Seen From The International Space StationSpace Shuttle Atlantis

3. Instant Cobblestone Path MakerCobblestone Path Maker

I don’t need one, but I want one

4. Hoover DamEmptied Hoover Dam

This rare 1939 photo shows Hoover Dam completely empty.

5. Stacked Coin TrickCoins Securely Attached

6. Adolf Hitler’s Original MustacheAdolf Hitler’s

It was trimmed to fit into a gas mask.

7. The Mid-Section Of A Commercial AirplaneMid-Section Of A Commercial Airplane

As if you weren’t claustrophobic enough.

8. Before and After Shots Of Marlon Brando’s Makeup in The GodfatherMr. Marlon Brando

9. A Bi-convex “UFO” Cloud Formation.UFO

Or is it.

10. A Golf Course After A Lightning Strike.A Golf Course

11. A Meteorite Discovered In Fukang, China

MeteoriteHow feng shui.

12. this CabbageCabbage

13. Space Mountain IlluminatedSpace

14. The TIP of Manhattan IslandManhattan

15. A Child’s Skull Before The Loss of Their Baby TeethA Kid’s Skull Before The Protrusion Of Their Baby Teeth

16. The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

This pool can hold 600,000 gallons of water.

17. A Turtle Riding A Jellyfish

JellyfishFin, noggin’, duuuude.

18. The Inside of a WatchPatek Philippe Watch

This is the cross section of a Patek Philippe Watch, a world class watchmaker.

19. Melted Glass from a Burned Down BuildingMelted Glass From A Burned Out Building

20. A Lizard’s Entire Skin ShedA Lizard’s Entire Skin Shed

Looks like we know where the inspiration for Godzilla came from.