They are a main component of our ecosystem and they are also an integral part of our society. Animals also give us joy and also serve us as our friends.

Here are some animals that will make your day a little bit brighter!

happyThis dog is happy about its life in general. If this dog can be happy, so can you!


photogenicNow that’s a photogenic dog! Look at that face; it’s so cute I want to explode!


selfie. SmileThis sloth knows how to take a perfect selfie. Smile!


smile tooI don’t know if this donkey or horse is happy or just tired but one thing is for sure, that smile can make you smile too!


smileWho could have known that fish could also smile? This picture serves as evidence that fish can also smile!


smilesThis ostrich showcase one of the most amazing smiles an animal can do. You’ll feel happy just by looking at it.


birthdayWho wouldn’t be happy when you have cake on your birthday? Just look at that smug face. This dog is one happy dog!


celebrityThis monkey with its brown and silky hair outshines every other celebrity. No one can pull this off other than this gorgeous monkey!


Classy catThis cat knows how to wink and smile at the same time. Classy cat!


happy tooThis seal wants a high five with you! Give it a try and you’ll be happy too!