The ultimate machine that it is, the body carries out thousands of functions in the most bizarre manner that never fails to boggle our  limited  understanding  of the exquisite piece of art that’s Mother Nature. Following are a few interesting facts about the human body.

1.  Estrogen is said to be associated with better
memory.  The  hormone  is  present  in  larger
amounts  in  females  leading  to  an  easy
explanation  for  why  females  are  better  at
remembering  minute  details  in  comparison  to


2. Your  nose  is  capable  of  remembering
50,000  scents  and  they’re  associated  with
strong emotional memories.

strong emotional memories

3. According to renowned psychologist Edmund
Freud,  our  dreams  are  an  unprecedented
reflection of our sub conscious mind. What
you  dream  exhibits  your  darkest  desires
buried so deep that it’s inaccessible through
the conscious mind.

Edmund Freud

4. Our  body  possesses  enough  iron  to
make a 3 inch long metal nail.

metal nail

5. The  strongest  muscle  in  the  body is  the
Masseter (Jaw muscle).


6. If uncoiled, your DNA would stretch 10
billion  miles.  That’s  equal  to  a  round  trip
between earth and Pluto.


7. The hydrogen in our body was synthesized in
the  event  of  big  bang.  The  likes  of  carbon
and  oxygen  blasted  across  space  when  the
giant  stars  went  supernova  which  ended  up
producing  heavy  metals  like  iron.  Like  Carl
Sagan said, We’re stardust of sorts, folks!


8. An  average  adult  human  body  produces
enough thermal energy to bring half a gallon of
water to a boil.

human  body

9. Similar  to  possessing  unique  fingerprints,
each  human  also  has  unique  tongue  prints
that  can  be  used  for  identification


10. Endorphins  released  during
intercourse  act  as  strong  painkillers  that
relieve pain as severe as migraines.