These people have figured it out all by themselves.

graduatingI’m nervous! I’m graduating! This is the time of my life! I need to calm myself, better grab a bottle fo vodka and drink until I get drunk.


drunkThe secret of true happiness is getting drunk every night. Just look at this party man, getting it on with his cat on the street. Dance like you’ve never dance before!


don’t careOld people are true examples of people who don’t care about the world. “I don’t care about the sign, I’m tired and I need to sit.”


comfortableNeeds a good place to relax and read a book? Walmart is the place for you! You’ll find comfortable seats courtesy of the store.




cleaningNobody said that cleaning a table with a mop is prohibited. I’m gonna do what needs to be done. Cleaning like a boss!



300 lbs. manWhy will you care about the people around you when you’re a 300 lbs. man? Look at this man; he is the happiest man in the world!


sleepI have lived a full life; I will sleep wherever I want to sleep. I don’t care about your stupid sign. My world, my rules!


hungryAre you studying and hungry at the same time? Grab a grill, grab your textbooks, and multitask both of them. You will be productive and satisfied at the same time!


hipstersSlippers are for hipsters, shoes are for losers. Who needs them when you can walk barefoot! Grocery shopping, here I come!


gamingGaming at its finest! True gamers lie on their backs for massive gaming experience. Invite your buddy for a round of gaming and sleeping at the same time.