There are many magical secrets in the world; one is the glorious zebra butt. Look at how this majestic ostrich harnesses its.
Mike Tyson has a hobby of collecting and training birds. He called this training the derp training. Look at how happy the birds are!
“Must resist the urge to go poo, must resist the urge to go poo. For the love of, holy shit, I can’t hold it!”
This dog knows how to deliver a one of a kind joke. Learn from the professionals and learn from this dog.
Have you ever had that experience where you went to a classroom but that is not the right classroom for you? Like when you need to go to your geography class but ended in a physics class? This is that experience.
How do you pronounce the name “Phteven”? This dog sums it all.

The classic tale of laughing out loud, even in ancient times, trolling is a form of art.

The post says it all. These two eagles crash landed at an airport but both survived. Look at the eagle facing the camera; it swore vengeance on the other eagle for the damage it had caused.
“I swear to GOD Jerry, this is the last time you’ll ever think of me.”


Is there a fire nearby? Do you need an instant source of water? Then cactus is the right thing for you. You don’t need anything; you don’t need to explain yourself. Just grab a cactus and you’re good to go.
The swimmer has once again met her mortal enemy – the foot. There is only one way to defeat the foot, which is to derp.