That’s why we created a list with top 10 best android games that you should try on your phone or tablet. It’s always better to have a cute game on your device in case you get bored and you can’t go away, so read our list and try them on.


Dots – Free

Dots – FreeThis game proves that stupid, simple activities become the most addictive in a game for android. All you have to do is connect dots that are the same color in 60 seconds. You can compete with your friends on Twitter and Facebook and with each connection you make you can get a Power Ups. There also an endless version where you can knock yourself out connecting dots and a Multiplayer version where you compete directly with your friends.

The Simpsons Tapped Out – Free

The Simpsons Tapped Out – FreeThis is a game produced by the EA games and it features the inhabitants of the popular city of Springfield. You get to rebuild Springfield (after Homer destroyed it) and most important, you can do it in your own style. You are asked to complete tasks and, if you’re successful, you’ll earn donuts with which you can buy stuff later on. There are also in-app purchases if you want to go through the game faster but if you have patient you can finish playing this game without paying any money.

Angry Birds Space – Free

Angry Birds Space – FreeIt’s fascinating how a game with a few ugly birds managed to climb so high on the latter of popular games and still be there after such a long time since it was launched. Angry Birds Space is, as you can image bird, pigs and other ugly things that try to kill each other in space. The game features some new elements like more complex puzzles and planet-based levels.

It made our top 10 best android games list because it is a funny game that can be played on anything. Just try it once and you won’t want to let it go. Ever.

Crazy Taxi City Rush – Free

Crazy Taxi City Rush – FreeWell, the game is sort of free because you’ll have to do a few in-app purchases like buying some gas for the taxi and buying access to customization room but it’s worth it. All you have to do is deliver your clients to their locations on time. Simple enough I’d say just that you have to be the Crazy taxi driver. The crazier your driving is the better.

So if you know you can’t keep your car on the road you are a good candidate for this game.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout – $6.99

ModernCombat 5BlackoutIt would have been weird not to include an action game on our top 10 best android games list. So here it is; a game with war, guns and shooting that needs an Interne connection to run. You can create your own team with your friends in Multiplayer mode or you can play in Single mode. As you play you win experience points, unlock highly complex arms and test your combat skills in many missions.

Our recommendation: check the compatible device list before downloading it and if your device goes, have fun!

Whale Trail Frenzy – Free

Whale Trail Frenzy – FreeA cute little game that can change your mood in just a few seconds! Willow the Whale and his friends are flying around in this cute interface with a cheery vibe collecting things, boosting their skills and basically having an amazing time.

Your happy float in the sun could be interrupted only by in-app purchases or advertisements. You can compete against your friends on Google+ and see everyone’s progress. If you are the first to free Willow’s friend, Wagner the Killer Whale, then you got to tell your friends about it!

Bad Piggies – Free

Bad Piggies – FreeYes it is an extension of Angry Birds made by Rovio. This game made our top 10 best android games list because it’s fun, interesting and engaging and you get to see the Pigs’ point of view, not just the one of birds. With tools in a toolbox, you have to build a machine for flying or driving and you have to get to the next level in that machine.

It’s a cute game that may keep you interested for weeks.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star – Free

StarWarsTinyDeathStarThe game comes from Disney Mobile, LucasArts and Nimblebit. Your mission is to help the Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader in their grand mission of building a Death Star. Yes, you’ll be on the dark side and conspiring to take over the galaxy as you run intergalactic businesses.

You’ll have to earn your money in order to be able to help the two villains defeat the Rebels and conquer the galaxy. If you like to take shortcuts, you’ll have to make in-app purchases.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel – Free

Cut the RopeWe couldn’t finish the top 10 best android games list and not talk about Cu the Rope. This game is really fun to play while it tests your physics knowledge and makes you crave for candy. The little cute thingy, that cries for his candy is with us again in a new and improved game.

The purpose is the same: to feed the small green thingy with candy; but you get to travel in time and meet the Egyptians, the Vikings and many other long gone civilizations.

QuizUp – Free

QuizUp – FreeAs the name says, it’s a quiz app where you answer questions. You can play against friends or against total strangers that the app chooses randomly. There is an impressive amount of subjects you can choose from and everyday there are uploaded new questions and subjects.

There are over 400.000 questions and over 500 topics right now so you won’t get bored answering stupid questions. If you think you’re strong at trivia, this game is the best test for you. Also you get to learn new and interesting things along the way.