Have you ever had that moment while watching a movie or serial, when suddenly the actor on screen has this eerie resemblance with another celebrity, acquaintance, animal or even an object? Well, whatever your answer maybe look ahead to see our compilation of the top ten celebrity look-alikes and see if you ever made the same connections as we did. Have a look at pages like celebrity news if you’re wanting to keep up to date with all the latest celeb gossip.


Jimmy Falon Josh Radnor

  1. Josh Radnor famously known as as Ted Moseby from the famous sitcom How I Met Your Mother is a real life doppleganger of Jimmy Falon the host of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon on NBC. These two could easily pass as twin brothers and fool anyone.

Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel

Katy Perry Zooey Deschanel

  1. The world famous singer Katy Perry who came to the limelight with her song ‘I kissed a Girl’ and Zooey Deschanel ,the star of the serial ‘New Girl’ have always made headlines for their stark resemblance to each other both physically to aesthetically. Ranging from the facial features to even the hairstyle these two are both ditto copies of each other.


Ashton Kutcher Jack Black

  1. While this pair might be controversial to most women out there as many might hate to agree with our reference, but, we can’t help but admit the eerie resemblance between the Kung Fu Panda and School of Rock star Jack Black with the chocolate boy Ashton Kutcher and host of MTV’s Punk’d and star of the show Two and a Half Men.



Sergio Romero Josh Duhamel

  1. As FIFA fever is at its peak here is another resemblance that caught our eye. The Argentinian Goal keeper Sergio Romero looks very similar to of Josh Duhamel, the American Model and Actor who starred in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and who is now more famously known because of his marriage to the Black Eyed Peas Singer Fergie.

Bradley Cooper & Zach Galifianakis

Bradley Cooper Zach Galifianakis

  1. Sometimes just a simple addition of facial hair can lead to eerie resemblance between you never would have imagined. This look sported by the Oscar Nominated actory Bradley Cooper at the 2014 Met Gala has made headlines because of his recent stark resemblance with co-star Zach Galifianakis of the Hangover Movies.



Ari Graynor Ellie Goulding

  1. HBO’s TV serial, The Soprano’s star Ari Gaynor bears a close resemblance to the brilliant and artistic English Singer, Ellie Goulding.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Niko Kovac

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Niko Kovac

  1. All of us are so indulged in this year’s Football World Cup in Brazil that we have started to notice celebrity lookalikes in the weirdest of places. After the Brazil vs Croatia match we and all the social networking sites were rampant about the remarkable similarity between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Croatian Coach Niko Kovac.

Jenifer Garnern & Hilary Swank

Jenifer Garnern Hilary Swank

  1. These two beautiful women of the Hollywood industry make it to number eight in our list of the top ten celebrity lookalikes. Jennifer Garner the talented actress from ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’ bears an uncanny similarity with the famous Hilary Swank star of Hollywood hits like ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘PS. I Love You’.



Alastair Cook & Henry Cavill

Alastair Cook Henry Cavill

  1. Meet our latest Super Man, Henry Cavill. All those who are fans of cricket might have noticed the resemblance between him and the handsome Cricket team of England’s Captain, Alastair Cook.



Christy Turlington & Jessica Biel

Christy Turlington Jessica Biel

  1. From the pearly white smile, to the expression in the green eyes these brunettes could have easily fooled anyone about being related to each other. Model Christy Turlington and actress Jessica Biel make it to number ten of our list of the Top Ten Celebrity Lookalikes as they may well have been mirror images of each other.