Happiness is the state of mind that is characterized by pleasant and optimistic feelings leading from satisfaction to enormous joy. Being happy integrates your life with pleasure and make you and your environment feel enhanced. Leading a happy life is as important as inhaling oxygen. According to the research of the University of California, happiness is a vital factor that decides how much a person is successful in his professional and personal life. It makes a person more social, confident, and healthier by strengthening the immune system and lastly makes us live longer.


In today’s running world, it’s hard to find time for self introspection, which is the main factor leading us away from the path of happy life. We still need to understand the importance of being and spreading happiness in our life. Here are some of the best ways to lead a happier life:

Stop comparing yourself with others:

It’s the main cause of stress and depression in one’s life. Many times we feel inferior on comparing ourselves with other people who are more prosperous than ourselves. This is the main reason of our disappointment and unhappiness. We should always try to stay away from these misleading thoughts and should try to accept ourselves as we are. Work hard to achieve what you want to be in your life. Always keep in mind that The Almighty has created everyone with some inbuilt special qualities, and there are certain people who love you, as you are.

Kindness Flowchart

Chase your dreams even after the failure:

Always remember that failures are just the milestones in your way to success. We should never be disappointed by failures, just do whatever you love to do, choose any path your heart suggests. It will make your life much more cherished even during failures. Chasing your passion will never disappoint you in your life; hence always have a positive attitude toward you work. Therefore, if you want to succeed in your life, having a passion is damn important.

Stay healthy and meditate often:

Following healthy habits like having good food including fresh fruits and green vegetables along with regular exercise can make you mentally and physically sound, which is directly linked with being happy. A stressed person is always prone to diseases and lacks efficiency of working even for a few hours whereas a happy person is highly energetic and active due to healthy body and mind. Practicing Yoga and meditation techniques are also some of the unique ways to lead a happy life.

Are You Happy Flowchart

By: Jourdan Rombough